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Consumers Attitude to the Protest Against Lady Gagas Concert: An Exploratory Study

Kresno Agus


Lady gaga is an American singer who has won 5 Grammy Awards. In the middle of 2012, she was requested to have concert in Jakarta with the contract value of tens billion. The concert was protested by a number of groups. The promoter had approached the pressure groups and negotiated the dressing.However, Lady Gagas management canceled the concert for security consideration.The objectives of the studyare:(1) to explore consumers attitude to the protest for the cancelation of Lady Gagas concert; and (2) using classical conditioning and expectancy-value theory, to explain consumers attitude to the protest.The study used focus group to collect data. The collected data was then transcribed and analyzed by content analysis.The results show that informants opinions can be classified into two groups: agreement and disagreement with the protest for the cancelation of Lady Gagas concert. Informants either agree or disagree for some reasons. Classical conditioning theory can explain either consumers attitude. The difference is the object of consumers attitude who agreed was Lady Gaga herself, while the object of disagreement was the pressure group that sponsored the protest. The attitude of the disagreement can also be explained by expectancy-value theory.


Protest, Classical Conditioning Model, Expectancy-Value Theory, Focus Group, Qualitative Content Analysis

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