Contributions of Different Organization Politics Perception Study On Interaction Among Perception Of Organization Politics, Performance, And Trust On The Role Of Compensation

Setyabudi Indartono


In order to create a sustainable competitive advantage, companies This paper investigates the contribution of perception of organization politics (PoP) for teacher’s trust building and relation to teacher’s performance. This study was attempted to discern the important features of diferent perceptions of politics at work environment, on teacher’s trust and performance relationship. We proposed three hypotheses. First hypothesis is teacher’s perception of organizational politics will have negative relationship with teacher’s trust, second is teacher’s trust will have positive relationship with teacher’s performance. The 3rd ship to performance significantly (r=0.18, p.<.05). In the case on mediation, trust was fully mediated the relationship between PoP and performance (  =-.222**;  ’=-.184), and also trust showed moderated the relationship between PoP and performance. Implication of the fndings for organizations and suggestions for future research are discussed.hypothesis was Trust will act as mediation on teacher’s perception of organization politics and performance relationship. The result of this study showed that both first and second hypotheses were accepted. The teacher’s perception of organizational politics showed negative relationship to trust signifcantly (r=-0.30, p<.01) and in case of this study, teacher’s trust showed positive relatin.

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