The Influence Of Leadership, Talent Management, Organizational Cultureand Organizational Support On Employee Engagement

Jimmy Sadeli


A leadership driven model was hypothesized to examine the simultaneous influences of three dimensions of leadership behaviors (transformational, transactional, and interaction between transformational and transactional) on employee engagement,

mediated by three intangible organizational factors: (1) talent management practices, (2) organizational culture, and (3) perceived organizational support (POS). Results of this research show that leadership behaviors (transformational and interaction between transformational and transactional) significantly influence mediating variables (talent management practices, organizational culture and POS), whereas transactional leadership must interact with
transformational leadership behavior to influence mediating variables. Both talent management practices and organizational culture influence employee engagement, while POS indirectly influences employee engagement.



Talent management practices, Employee engagement, Transformational and transactional Leadership behaviors, Leadership-driven model on employee engagement

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